Important Tips To Help You Plan For Hajj


Mecca is the holiest place for Muslims where a large number of Muslims gather annually to perform their spiritual obligations known as Hajj. Prophet Muhammad took birth in this city and that’s why it is the most sacred place for Muslim people on earth. It is said that Muslims who are financially and physically strong should go for the Hajj pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of while planning for Hajj. Therefore to help you with that we are providing some tips which are mentioned below. Packages There are three types of pilgrimage that you can carry out according to your wish and for that, there are different travel packages. If you want to perform Umrah only which is not obligatory than you can opt for that package accordingly. Likewise, you can also get packages for Qiran and Ifraad. Qiran involves the pilgrimage to both Umrah and Hajj whereas Ifraad includes the only pilgrimage for Hajj. There are so many agencies out there which provides the best package for Hajj. For example Royal Indonesia. Time period Hajj is performed during a specified time period according to the Islamic Calendar. Dates may vary every year depending upon the sight of the moon. But this is not mandatory in case of performing Umrah. It can be performed any time during the year. Passport and visa For performing Hajj you need to have a valid passport and visa. However you can get the visa for free but they are only issued for a certain time period and give you the access to Mecca, Medina, and Jeddah only. Remember that the rules and regulations of the government of Saudi Arabia is very strict so pay extra attention to read the guidelines while applying for Hajj visa. Also, carry additional passport size photos for various documentation that needs to be done on your arrival. Vaccinations Apart from passport, Visa and photos pilgrims are required to take certain vaccinations as per the guidelines of the Saudi Arabian government. The certificate issued for vaccination should not be exceeded the time period of three years. Make sure to carry the certificate with you because it will be inspected by the specific authorities at the entry of the airport. Packing Apart from all the necessary documents do pack your prayer mat, Quran and Dua book. The most important thing is to carry white clothes which are necessary to worn by both men and women during Hajj as a symbol of purity. Remember do not keep any food items with you because it is strictly restricted in Saudi Arabia. Hence, these are the few potential tips which will help you a lot when you plan for hajj.