When you are all set to go for a vacation, you have booked all your tickets and feeling excited to enjoy, but the only thing left is to pack your bag, which is actually a dreadful task. Thus, to make this dreadful task a simplified one, here are some of the simple and easy packing tips for your beach vacation:


Make this your closest companion for the span of your vacation. Anyway it is also fun to drench up the sun, despite the fact that you have to stack up on sun assurance. Hence, carry a decent sunscreen with SPF 50+ that you can apply regularly. But make sure to keep in mind to carry and apply lip salve with SPF also.

Comfortable Attire

Prefer to carry free,open and comfy dresses, when on vacation, especially while going to beach places. Linen and cotton based materials are considered to be the best textures. Therefore, try to pack garments that can be worn in various mixes to avoid having extra luggage. Women, can carry some Sexy lingerie and fun accessories, which will make you look even more beautiful and sensual. However make sure not to over pack.

Flip flops or Casual Shoes

This is the most helpful and easy to carry footwear when on a beach vacation. In addition to the fact that they are very lightweight and comfy to walk in sand as well as water, and are also very easy to rinse off (if needed).


Make sure to buy adecent pair of shades to shield yourself from the harmful sun’s UV beams. Whiletravelling to a beach place it is prescribed to wear shades that have biggerfocal points. If in case you intend to wear these glasses in the water as well,then purchase the ones with lashes, with the goal that you don’t lose them.Kids are also advised to wear these shades as well, to ensure that no harmcauses to their eyes.

Phone and Camera

While on a vacation youwill get tons of chances to click different pictures, which nobody wishes tomiss out. Thus, it is advised to carry your camera (including extra batteries,memory card, etc). You can also use your mobile phone to click pictures but makesure to carry a power bank or your phone charger with you.   


Thus, these are some of the simple and easy packing tips for you to consider while planning a vacation to beach places.